3/10/2016 -Pakistan- placement year

I went into different areas in Pakistan to get a internship but so many were asking for fees from around (50,000 to 100,000 which is around £350-750. I found one near where i’m living at the moment and it is 2 streets away.

I’ve got a placement in that bridal studio which is called ‘elegance bridal studio’. This placement is important to my career because as well as fashion designing, I want to do makeup as well. I wanted to be sure I want to do makeup in the future so this experience was important. I think this will show me the advantages and disadvantages of being a makeup artist .  I’ve never done this sort of thing but I hope I enjoy my time.

First day at work:

Today I sat watching the other girls working there . I was shadowing one of the girls to see how it works . In the bridal studio they do facials and beauty treatments for the bride and they do makeup hair and duppatta setting. There was a lot to learn and pick up but I hope I can with time.  People mostly come for beauty treatments or party makeup and hair .

The people inside seem very supportive even though I’m from the UK and my Urdu skills aren’t that good. They’re helping me with the customer service in Urdu. I have started noting down little things that I need to learn and practice daily.



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